Chinatown Society Heritage Building Association

鞏固大樓 振興傳統

Anchoring Change, Reviving Tradition

We are mutual assistance organization with an objective of helping one another to rehabilitate the society ­owned heritage buildings in Vancouver's Chinatown. The membership consists of organizations that own heritage buildings and individuals who support the neighbourhood's cultural heritage conservation.

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Society heritage buildings are an important part of Chinatown's urban and social fabric. In response to City Council's approval of the Society Buildings Rehabilitation Strategy in 2007, Society leaders formed the Chinatown Society Heritage Buildings Association (CSHBA) in 2008.

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Chinese societies are family associations and benevolent societies established by early immigrants to provide social support and general welfare services to their members. They have been a vital part of the Chinatown community for more than 100 years and remain social hubs for the local Chinese-Canadian community. Today, there are close to 50 societies in and around Chinatown, including 12 society-owned heritage buildings.

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Societies with Heritage Buildings 12 Buildings

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Cheng Wing Yeong Tong


Brief History The lower two storeys were built in 1911 with Italianate-style brick building. The architects of record are Campbell and Dawson; the drawings, dated 1915, are signed by W.H. Chow, Vancouver’s first Chinese-Canadian architect,…

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Lung Kong Kung Shaw


Brief History According to legend, this association can trace its history to the beginning of an unstable period in Chinese history, during the Han Dynasty, four men with the four different surnames volunteered to join…

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May Wah Hotel


Brief History The May Wah Hotel is of value as an enduring work of Vancouver architect William Frederick Gardiner, as an example of a Vancouver hotel designed after the introduction of the City’s 1910 Lodging…

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Chinese Nationalist League


Brief History The heritage value of the Nationalist League Building is derived from its longstanding association with the Chinese Nationalist League and, through this, its association with an important aspect of life in most overseas…

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Lim Sai Hor Kow Mock


Brief History The significance of the Lim Sai Hor Kow Mock Benevolent Association Building lies in its ownership history and architecture. It was built in 1903 and originally housed the Chinese Empire Reform Association, founded…

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On The InitiativeWhat we are working on

During the past 10 years CSHBA has assisted our member organizations in conducting feasibility studies to rehabilitate the century ­old heritage buildings with financial assistance from the City of Vancouver. CSHBA also conducted a survey on the needs of Chinese Canadian artists and artistic organizations in Vancouver. At present we are working towards a solution to support the Chinese Society Legacy Program with financial assistance from Vancity Credit Union and City of Vancouver.

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Latest Initiatives

Vancouver Chinatown Cultural Development Study 2011

The study identifies the different types of organizations, groups and individuals engaged in the arts…

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Chinese Society Legacy Program 2016

The program’s priority is to stabilize the 12 society-owned buildings, to activate underused spaces, and…

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