Recent Projects

During the past 10 years CSHBA has assisted our member organizations in conducting feasibility studies to rehabilitate the century ­old heritage buildings with financial assistance from the City of Vancouver. CSHBA also conducted a survey on the needs of Chinese Canadian artists and artistic organizations in Vancouver. At present we are working towards a solution to support the Chinese Society Legacy Program with financial assistance from Vancity Credit Union and City of Vancouver.

2 Initiatives

Vancouver Chinatown Cultural Development Study 2011

The study identifies the different types of organizations, groups and individuals engaged in the arts sector in Chinatown (small groups…

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Chinese Society Legacy Program 2016

The program’s priority is to stabilize the 12 society-owned buildings, to activate underused spaces, and to conserve heritage features.

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Chinatown Studies & Resources

Revitalization of Chinatown Culture

SummaryThe fight against the freeways in Chinatown in 1960s and ’70s is a founding myth of modern Vancouver. While seen by some civic and industry leaders of the day as a necessary means of economic revitalization and keeping the city “competitive,” an inner-city freeway proposal was defeated by a broad bottom-up coalition of citizens.